Fat Shack Challenge

                                                                                  Many have tried, only TWO have succeeded
                                                                      The 8″ Fat Shack Challenge sandwich weighs in at 1.5 lbs.
                                                                      If you can eat 3 of them in 30 minutes the meal is on us, you
                                                                     win Fat Shack memorabilia, and get your picture on the wall of Fat Shack Legends!
1. The Challenge consists of 3 8″ “Fat Shack” sandwiches with choice of sauce.
2.  Up to two item substitutions can be made due to allergy or vegetarian needs. (Fries may not be substituted)
3.  You have 30 minutes to finish all three sandwiches.
4.  All food must be swallowed when the time is up.
5.  Any reversal of fortune during the challenge or within 5 minutes of completion is an automatic disqualification.
6.  If any piece of challenge food is eaten by a third party or thrown away, automatic disqualification.
7.  All challengers must be willing to have their picture placed on our ‘Legends’ or ‘Weak Sauce’ wall.



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